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EMG provides technical and commercial advisory in the energy and climate sectors worldwide. We specialize in finding innovative practical solutions that combine the best economic theory, practices, and analytic methods with pragmatism and tailor-made solutions.

EMG works extensively with USAID, USTDA, private and public sector utilities, project developers and financiers, regulators, and others in the development space (World Bank). The company brings together a team with substantial experience in power and oil/gas sector development and their climate impacts in emerging markets worldwide.

A Worldwide Presence

Our work focuses on the following key areas

  • Transaction and Competitive Bid Advisory for Energy Infrastructure
  • Energy Projects Investment Advisory – Project Assessment, Due Diligence, and Feasibility Studies
  • Green Transition for Energy, Industry, and Business
  • Policy and Planning for Low Carbon Development, Climate Change Mitigation
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Mainstreaming for Energy Sector
  • Professional Training and Capacity Building to Energy Sector Institutions
  • Utility Management and Information Systems
  • Energy Market Design and Management
  • Markets and Regulatory Reform
  • Corporate and Institutional Restructuring, Change Management
  • Regional and Cross Border Energy Trading
  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management
  • Transmission and Distribution Modernization

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and host country partners to craft the most practical, cost-effective long-term solutions for the energy business.

In 2022, EMG became a majority woman-owned and operated company.

Our diverse experience, creativity, and integrated approach ensure that we fully account for our clients’ individual needs, understand the specific parameters of each energy development challenge, and appreciate the varied political and economic environments in which the project is to function. Our staff have a sound understanding of the challenges that may be encountered in the sustainable development of energy sectors in developing economies, which demand different approaches than those used in developed economies. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and host country partners to craft the most practical, cost-effective long-term solutions for the energy business. EMG leadership ensures that its corporate strategy focuses on its core capabilities in emerging markets and developing nations.

We understand the challenges of developing economies

Our diverse experience, creativity, and integrated approach ensure that we fully account for our clients’ individual needs.

Our Strategic Partners

Formed in 2010, SESI’s core experience is developing power projects, both on- and off-grid, at both large and small scale. Our installations facilitate economic development in the communities and regions where we work.
SESI’s growth is built on sound engineering and a strong developmental background that understands that both the community and social aspects of a project are critical to long-term success. With these built into the project design, SESI is able to operate in challenging environments and work on a scale that brings clean energy into the mainstream.
Our full suite of services includes:

  • Commercial power project development (clean energy technology neutral – solar, hydro, natural gas, etc.), financing, construction, ownership and operation.
  • Creating distributed or grid-connected energy systems for communities, as well as private and public institutions
  • Designing and building clean energy systems to reduce or replace diesel dependency
  • Designing solutions for by-product and waste-to-energy systems to mitigate environmental pollution.

A selection of projects developed include the following:

  1. 1MW Solar PV power plant installation, Bamyan, Afghanistan
  2. 140 kW hydropower project installation, Shah Delir, Afghanistan
  3. 100 kW hydropower project installation, Tira Koh, Afghanistan
  4. Panjshir-Afghanistan, Solar PV, Solar Lights, Solar Street Lighting
  5. Electrification of 18 isolated health clinics in Panjshir, Afghanistan – Solar PV systems, Solar Hot Water Systems (with pumps) and Solar Streetlights

SESI is based in Washington DC, with offices to support its project around the world, in New Zealand (Timaru), Liberia (Monrovia), and Nigeria (Abuja).
For more information, see www.sesinter.com


DHInfrastructure is an economic consulting firm that specializes in regulated network infrastructure. We advise governments, multilateral development banks, and private companies on matters related to the water, energy, transport, and telecommunications industries by applying principles of finance to public policy, regulation, litigation of disputes, and infrastructure acquisitions. Our services include policy and regulatory support, financial analysis, investment planning, project evaluation, and public-private partnership (PPP) advice.

DHI has more than 14 years of experience working closely with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and AfDB teams on advisory services and analytics and the development of knowledge products. DHInfrastructure staff, led by Denzel Hankinson, have a reputation within the international financial institutions for our flexibility, integrity, and ability to communicate clearly about highly technical matters. Because we deliver high-quality work, roughly 60 percent of projects are repeat business from existing clients.

DHInfrastructure regularly advises on a number of asset and service financial modelling, tariff-related issues, including assessing cost-of-service and revenue requirements, conducting financial analysis for utility reform, and developing sector financial models. In the past five years alone, DHInfrastructure has conducted over 20 tariff and cost-of-service studies, and over 15 projects involving financial analysis of utilities. Our tariff setting exercises often include training components where we administer training sessions to regulatory staff, commission board members, and other stakeholders on the findings and conclusions from our work.

DHInfrastructure is based in Northampton, Massachusetts (US). www.dhinfrastructure.com



EMG works closely with other small businesses with complementary capacities and services to provide extra value to our clients.